Autumn Olive Farms Memberships

Many of you took advantage of the memberships we did the previous 4 years and many have recently inquired if we are doing it again and when.
We are basically doing the same as last year with some minor modifications.
First, for the new people not familiar; an explanation of our membership.

We are mimicking a “CSA”, (community supported agriculture).
Most CSA’s are with produce farmers and you pay at the beginning an investment amount. This gives local producers money needed for startup capital, like seeds, fertilizers, etc. You as an investor, get in return, every week a basket of produce of what is in season. You are a part of helping that local producer get started, survive, and thrive with their business; a business that you believe in and want to support.

Our Membership this year is a minimum of a $500 investment. You can do any dollar figure from $500 on up. We are cutting off memberships on March 31st 2012. The sooner you pay the sooner you can take advantage of the discounts and benefits. (Note: we will not start accepting Membership money till the end of February. We will send notice or make notice changes on this website)
The membership is a credit, you pay me $500, $800, or any dollar figure above $500, you have that credited to your account. When you purchase product as a member at the farm or farmers market, you will receive the discounts below, and you will pay nothing as it will be taken off your credited amount.
Example: if you had $800 in membership payment and you purchased some chicken, pork, and eggs, and your total with tax was $126.67.
I will deduct the $126.67 from your $800 leaving $673.33 in your balance. When you run out of money, you will no longer get the discounts below. But, you will be able to purchase product at the non-discounted prices.

I request you use up all your membership credits before the end of 2012.
Also, all money invested in our membership has to be returned to you in product purchases.
We will be using the investment money to purchase semi-loads of grain, vitamin/mineral supplement, chicks, pigs, etc. so the only way to get your investment money back is in product.
When you come to purchase product, and you are a member, please before you place your order, tell us you are a member so we can give you the proper credits. Once your membership investment money is given before the March 31st date you can not add to it. And once your money is used up, you cannot add to it later in the year. Collection of membership money will start at the end of February.

Thank you for supporting our farm and the sustainable way we raise your meat products!

Advantages of being a member in 2012

Eggs will be $3.50 per dozen instead of $4.00
5% discount on all chicken products.
5% discount on all turkey products.
10% discount on all individual cuts of pork.
10% discount on all individual cuts of beef.
5% discount on wholes and halves of pork, lamb, or beef.
And priority on whole/half purchases of pork, lamb or beef, as we have limited numbers available.

Please call if you have any questions.

Make Checks payable to:

Kip Glass
2169 N. Farm Rd. 71
Bois D Arc, Mo. 65612